• What is the purpose of the IAACU Kids Club? Teaching  kids about money is important  to address at an early age. Money management  can be a challenging topic for adults and kids.  The IACU Kids Club encourages practical money saving skills and helps adults promote financial literacy and money management skills to youth.
  • Where did Kirby go? He is still our mascot, but we are looking to do more with the program so we are transitioning the club to a new name and focus: To help promote financial literacy for youth!
  • Will my child have to enroll in the new IAACU Kids Club? Don’t worry; current Kirby Kangaroo Club Members will now automatically become IAACU Kids Club Members.
  • My kids have a lot of Kirby Cash. Can it still be used? They will still be able to purchase prizes with Kirby Bucks. When a child makes a deposit now they will receive Kids Club Cash, ($1 for every $5 deposited) which will work the same as Kirby Bucks.
  • How do I enroll a child in the IAACU Kids Club? You can use the enroll now button on the homepage of the club site https://kidsclub.iaacu.org/ , Call or email us at 800-676-2541, or servicecenter@iaacu.org, or visit a branch.